Friday , May 29 , 2015

by Robert M. Cook THE MANSION OF E CLICK HERE for MoE Backup
Comic MoE NOTE FOR MAY 29, 2015

Terin Flem the former Guardian appeared here.


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MAY 27, 2015

OK, back after being semi out of touch over the long Memorial Day weekend. Fixed the noted grammar and spelling errors, thanks all. Also, I finally got around to cleaning up the archives of these notes, all the way back 2003, and I discovered that I've been using two different names for the Eetown blacksmith; I think I've got everything corrected now to "Sheldon".

MAY 20, 2015

When I originally started the current chapter of the strip, "Eetown", I really didn't intend or expect for it to run almost a year. So, with the transfer to a new backup site, I am (once again, I think) making a retroactive change to the MoE chapter structure; the current chapter is still called Eetown, but the (more or less) first half of it has been broken off into its own chapter, "Barriers and Gates", running from when the Mansion-to-Eetown travel party gathers under the Gatestone, to its arrival at the front door of the Eetown Temple. I think the only person this will inconvenience is Whitehound, with her alternate archives, and I apologize to her.

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