Saturday , January 24 , 2015

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Comic MoE NOTE FOR JANUARY 24, 2015

And since it's Saturday, here are three Basement-dwellers of the previous generation who each achieved a certain degree of fame in their respective fields of Exploration, Religion, and Healing. Groat and Loomboggle merely died, while Othar, in keeping with his whole persona, Mysteriously Disappeared.


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JANUARY 22, 2015

Been a long while since I did a voting reward, so here are some anime-esque versions of Our Heroes, created by using The Anime Face Maker; thanks to Gen8 for offering it for everyone to use.

JANUARY 14, 2015

Updated the Recap page through November 2014.

JANUARY 01, 2015

Happy New Year and all that. There may be some art-work from other folks later in the week. Thanks again to Aero Zero for the 2015 Secret Santa portrait; my recipient was Run Lil Jared, which follows the unwilling adventures of the eponymous young lad who gets shanghaied away from his penguin school and taken to a monster-training academy on a cloud. It's all almost as weird as the MoE, so you all just might enjoy it! You can see my gift here.

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