I often page through my own archives. In the late summer of 2005, I decided that back in 2003 when I originally depicted Rosemary, Mortimer and Sylvester's first night together, I had skipped ahead in the action a little too fast. So, drew the following strips and posted them as a series of "top 100 webcomic list" voting rewards. If you're reading through these archives for the first time and have found your way to this page, be aware that even though this little sidetrack is set before the bulk of the action in the strip, all of the characters and scenery are depicted in my "2005 style", which in some cases is quite different than my "2003 style". Hopefully you'll at least be able to recognize Rosemary, Sylvester and Mortimer, which is all that really matters at this point.

Note that in reading this, you'll learn a few fairly important facts that don't come out in main strip, but hopefully nothing that actively contradicts the established action. Also, I used a couple of these strips to test out a possible new dialogue font, which I ultimately rejected.

In any event, enjoy!

After-dinner conversation
A stunning revelation
And another one!
The suspense builds
Toilet humor
Fan service
A clean start
Breaking bad news
The end?
We shall meet again..

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